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Impiana Hotel: A Memorable Moment

Impiana Hotel, Ipoh Perak
Assalamualaikum and Hello to all the visitors who are willingly to visit my blog once again, overall my posts are in Malay language, but for now, for this amazing reviews and stories that I will tell you later, I will share some topics which out of my topics as En.Koala, and on that day, I have become Mr.Koala for one night but still shy and hiding behind the wall... :P . I'm sharing this as an invitation from Nuffnang to be part of DiGi WWWOW Awards contest and I accept their invitation... XD, but this sharing moment is not for me only but for all my members who are willingly to spend our time together, we have so much fun and happiness. So, I hope that after all the readers read these stories and some commentaries about the dinner will help and vote for us in DiGi WWWOW Awards. We are really appreciate it. ^^v~
Chemy's Girls July 08

On 31st March, My friends and I had a dinner at Impiana Hotel which is located at 18 Jalan Raja Dr Nazrin Shah (Jalan Gopeng) , Ipoh Perak. We called this dinner as a "Chemy July'08 Grand Dinner 2012" because all of the members were from Chemical Engineering's students including myself. One of the reason we had this gathering night was because all of us would go for internship, ermmm... we though some of us would separate and a few of us might be working together, and almost of us would be stayed far apart from each other and some of us might afraid because we would not see each other for about 7 months, more or less, perhaps. But the most important thing is, "FRIENDSHIP". And we believed that as long as we were together, there would be nothing to stop our relationship. By hook or by crook, we will try to have the same wavelengths. Friend in need is a friend indeed right? What was make our bond more firm and strong? One answer only, "Chemical Bond Us Together" . ;)

Freestyle or Chinese Styles?

Enough talking about friendship, because we were inside the 4-stars hotel! OMG! It was 4-stars right??? Or did we just wrongly stepped inside into another fascinating hotel? Lets referred here, "OK!",we were not wrong and not blindly said "OMG" without thinking twice before entering this Impiana Lobby level. Did I just said "OMG?", a few of us maybe said it verbally, but a lot of us just silently said through our hearts and pretended that we already knew this place and it just looked the same as the other hotel, is it right guys? (acting like my head pointed to my friends). I was bluffing anyways, :P . But here we were, about 14 cars and 65 members came for this grand dinner. We should be grateful that we had some drivers and some cars who were generously support us for our dinner. Who're they? Right, they were Annuar, Suffian, Farouk, Fahmi, Nurdin, Amirul, Ozair, Rajhan, Afiqa, Nurul Jannah, Eliana, Hilmi, Firdaus, Tang Meng Kiat, Cia Ying and a lovely couple Eddie with Yi Tong. Your name was not here? You should probably contact me now. HeHe ~

We Enjoy and We have Fun

So, at 8.00 PM all of us moved into The Crystal Ballroom, and took our seats together. Our event started by an introduction speech from Seng Yee as our grand dinner host and followed up with a montage made by Hazlami which described a little bit about our tentative on that night. In general, we had some performances from our own members, some fancy awards for our chosen members and lastly we had some games and photo shoot session before went back home. But before we went through all these enjoyable happy moment, we had some dinner together. There were so many food and drinks on the table such as salads, soup, rice, cakes, baked meats, chicken curry, steak grilled with pepper sauce, some fruits and many more. We could not fill all of it, because it keep coming after one and another. We had a blast!

Hang Out at Impiana Lobby Lounge

Nurdin (Mr. Clown), Fahmy, Bulard, Damak, Fadzlin, Suffian and Jeff

During enjoying our meals, Seng Yee called upon the presenters for the award winning announcement. There  were several categories for these awards and each winners were given a prize and an opportunity to give their speech as an appreciation gratitude to be chosen from all Chemy's members. With so many crowds and loud, we were cheering them and gave some big applauds. We knew that, they were happy to be chosen and we also happy because we satisfied what we had on that night. Below were the list of award categories and the winners.
  • Mr. & Mrs.  Friendly       (Zaid & Yi Tong)
  • Mr. & Mrs. Loveable        (Eddie & Keren)
  • Mr. & Mrs. Cute              (Bulard & Nana)
  • Mr. & Mrs. Spart             (Roy & Elly)
  • King & Queen                  (Roy & Ain)

Bulard (Mr.Cute), Roy (Mr.Sparta) and Damak

So, for all the winners, did your heart "moved" after been chosen? :) . Congratulation! We were always be at your behind right? Because we loved you, so we choose you! Although it just looked like some kind of "childish awards", but still we enjoyed the night and we did it like "A Grammy Award!". Other people should tried it sometimes I guess.. :P

"And we believed that as long as we were together, there would be nothing to stop our relationship. By hook or by crook, we will try to have the same wavelengths. Friend in need is a friend indeed right? What was make our bond more firm and strong? One answer only, "Chemical Bond Us Together"."

Aqilah (Mrs.Clown), Seng Yee (Host) & Nana (Mrs.Cute)
Keren (Mrs. Loveable), Seng Yee & Yi Tong

Nabila & Ain (Queen)
Did we mentioned about the performances earlier? Yes, actually the organizers did some arrangements by alternating the awards announcement with the performances. At that night, we could hear a melodious song from Annuar, and we called him as a "Buzz Preventer", maybe he did not like "Buzz sound or buzzy -ing". His song was taken from Imran Ajmain titled "Seribu Tahun". Okayyy.... so, Damak and Rafiq? Who they were actually? A couple of fantastic guitarist and they sung a song called "Boria's style" while playing guitars. They were telling us about the funny sides of some of our Chemy's colleagues with their own tunable music and styles. It was funny by the ways and it made us loud "Tak Kering Gusi" I though. One more from our member and his name was Ridzhuan Jinal, simply called "Wan" and also a guitarist. He sung a song titled, "Aku Jatuh Cinta" from Gemersik Kalbu . Now, we realized, he was great at singing also. :P Ngee Hee ~ Last performance but not least to tell it was a second last performance actually and guess what? An English song from Bruno Mars, "Talking To The Moon" and truly, truly, truly singing by Eddie Chang, a guitarist also. Guess what more? Some girls were moved by the Eddie's voice and also his fluty plucking hilarious melodramatic vibration.  XD HAHA ~ Anyways, no girls could take Eddie's heart as it belonged to Yik Tong after she said, "I LOVE YOU", they already a couple anyways. We could hear it Yi Tong... :P. Alright, no offense, these stories were not formal somehow...

Roy (King)
WOW! Not WWWOW kay... so tired wrote all of these stories, despite in the past, the memories still clear in our minds right? After that, we played some games by using balloons, and we actually did not know what we were played, we just kept shouting happily and beaked the balloons with the forks. We were happily bursting the balloons. BOOM!!! We had some fun, that was it. Before photo shoot session, we all gathered together in front of projector screen and sung a song titled, "Season Of The Sun", original song from Westlife.

We already came to an end of these stories, so "ME" as writer of this blog would like to apologize if saying something stupid, not good, not appropriate or too offensives. Any humans could make some mistakes.

Before we end our reading, let's watch our compiled montage and vote us in DiGi WWWOW Awards.

Lastly, Thank You and Enjoy!

This blog contents are dedicated to all my beloved friends (Chemy July'08) in University of Technology Petronas.

"Many people will walk in and out of you life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart."

Friendship Never Dies

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